Baby shower: It’s a girl for Lorraine and Dennis


I had the wonderful opportunity to help arrange a surprise baby shower last weekend. Our friends are expecting a girl so our usually plain and simple living room blushed with pink ribbons and balloons for the occasion.

There are thousands of free printables online and I spent sleepless nights trying to decide which is the best design for the baby shower. I found that Catch My Party has a cute set that would pretty much cover what I need for a coherent theme. Lauren Makes, meanwhile, used a lovely font called Susie’s Hand for wish cards. I’m not a design expert or anything so I just used Photoshop and a little research to put together both bloggers’ designs.

Here’s one way to jazz up some grown-up food for a baby shower:


We also placed a special order of pink-and-white only J-Pops from J.CO Donuts & Coffee:

I thought it would be nice to have wish cards for the baby. Maybe she can read the stuff guests wrote here when she’s all grown up 🙂

Lorraine and Dennis aren’t exactly newbie parents but friends and family were still able to share some parenting wisdom via these advice cards:

And finally, loot bags! These were filled with candies and chocolates for the guests to enjoy 🙂



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